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About Me

My name is Mike Casto. I have been developing websites and programming professionally since 1995. Since 2000 I have been specializing in PHP/MySQL development.

I also have experience with a variety of other programming languages - Visual Basic, REALBasic, Pascal, Assembly, Cobol and ColdFusion to name some - and have worked on a variety of platforms. This background has come in very handy; it gives me a certain flexibility in my mindset that has helped me find solutions where others have given a problem up as impossible.

My primary focus is functionality. If a tool doesn't work then it doesn't matter if it looks good. While front end design isn't my specialty, I am competent with front end development and can design an interface that is complimentary to the underlying functionality.

I need a flexible schedule so I'm primarily interested in part-time contract work as a telecommuter but am willing to consider any offer.